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fall 2000 



table of contents 

page 22 Campaign Update: 
Message from the 
Laselll 50 Co-Chairs 

Highlights for the 

2001 Celebration/Reunion 

Commencement Weekend 

page 23 Campaign News: 

Chairman's Reception 2000 
is the Talk of the Town 

Lasell 150 Honors Reunion 
2000 Benefactors 

page 24 Donor Profiles: 

Nancy Burrows Putnam '50 

Donors make second gifts 
to Winslow and Kresge 


As of June 30, 2000: 


$15 + million 


$14 + million 

Former Texas Governor 
Ann Richards and TV's 
"Queen of Stress" Loretta 
LaRoche Highlight Celebration 

Let the festivities begin! 

On November 13, 2000, at 10 a.m., Lasell College will 
launch a jubilant, year-long 150th birthday party to which 
everyone — faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, friends, 
and neighbors — is invited! 

Aitf 1 



I; : 

With a kick off morning 
ceremony on Founder's Day 
featuring local notables and 
College dignitaries, Lasell will take a year- 
long opportunity to celebrate its adroit- 
ness in maintaining a century-and-a-half 
leadership role as an innovator in educa- 
tion. Among the many distinguished peo- 
ple participating in May convocations and 
graduation will be former Texas Governor 
Ann Richards, and Loretta LaRoche, one 
of the country's most sought after lectur- 
ers and stress management consultants, 
and star of the popular PBS Special, 
"Relax — You Only Live Once." 

Established originally as a women's 
seminary, then transformed into a junior 
college, and later making the graceful 
metamorphosis into a baccalaureate insti- 
tution before finally reinventing itself as a 

coeducational institution in 1997, Lasell 
College is a testament to resilience. 

Despite the rigors of time and the pres- 
sures of changing expectations among 
the constituencies that the College serves, 
today's Lasell stands as an institution 
indisputably stronger and more vibrant 
than at any time during its distinctive past. 

Lasell students will play a major role in 
the kick off festivities by burying a com- 
memorative time capsule in an archival 
niche of the newly restored Winslow Hall, 
the erstwhile College gymnasium that today 
stands as a strikingly modern facility hous- 
ing seven high-technology classrooms, 
a student lounge, and 13 faculty offices. 

At noon on the November 13 
Founder's Day, members of the Lasell 

see EVENTS, continued on page 22 


21 J3^JD fall 2000 


Message from the 
Lasell 150 Co-Chairs 

\ \ 

▲ Co-Chair Peggy Schwingel Kraft '56 

Hard as it may be to believe, Lasell is 
entering the final stretch of the Lasell 150 
Campaign. It almost takes our breath 
away to look back at the remarkable dis- 
tance that we have traveled. 

How well we remember the early 
phase of the Campaign in 1996, when 
our Steering Committee members 
turned pale at the thought of raising $10 
million dollars by Lasell's sesquicenten- 
nial in 2001. We recall the absolute thrill 
we experienced when we announced an 
increased goal of $12 million at the 
Campaign kick off gala in 1998. There 
was the anticipation of waiting for, 
and the excitement of learning that the 
College had received its first grant from 
the prestigious Kresge Foundation in 
March 2000. The announcement of our 
final goal of $15 million (plus!) — 
encompassing the cost of renovating 
Winslow Hall into a high-technology 
classroom and faculty office complex — 
swept past even our elaborate dreams 
and high expectations for this first multi- 
million dollar capital campaign. As the 
College raced past the $14 million mark 
in gifts and pledges raised for the Lasell 
150 Campaign, we knew it was no longer 
necessary to pinch ourselves. Reality can 
be a beautiful thing! 

So where do we go from here? 

First, we hope to fully fund the 
Winslow Hall Renovation Project at a 
total project cost of $3.2 million. We see 
this as our legacy to Lasell College. An 
additional $800,000 in gifts and pledges 
by June 30, 2001 is required to make this 
vital goal. 

Next, we aim to further secure Lasell's 
promising future by adding to its nest 

▲ Co-Chair Joan Howe Weber '51 

egg. An increased endowment was a key 
goal in the College's 1996-2001 strategic 
plan, which served as the underpinning 
for the Lasell 150 Campaign. Whether 
through endowed funds for scholarship, 
technology, the library, or unrestricted 
purposes, we must keep true to this vital 

Finally, we shall continue to build and 
strengthen the Lasell College Annual 
Fund. At a small, tuition-dependent col- 
lege like Lasell, gifts to the Annual Fund 
are the single most important way to 
enhance educational opportunities for 
today's Lasell students. Despite the 
incredible generosity of the College's 
capital campaign donors, Lasell would 
decline without the Annual Fund. All 
gifts, no matter how modest, are needed 
for the Annual Fund so that Lasell's 
alumni participation rate can reach the 
level of our top-tier academic competi- 
tors. Each new person who makes an 
Annual Fund gift has a significant 
impact, not solely on the dollar amount, 
but on the level of participation that 
the College inspires — a marker of 
great importance when viewed by 
potential granters in the corporate 
and foundation worlds. 

Indeed, we have come a long way 
since the early days of the Campaign in 
1996, and the road has been marked by 
great triumphs. In this final year of the 
Lasell 150 Campaign, we urge you to get 
proud, get involved, and get to campus 
for Lasell's four-day birthday extravagan- 
za from May 17-20, 2001.We look for- 
ward to seeing you there! 

EVENTS, continued from page 2 1 

community will congregate for a kickoff 

"And that's just the beginning," 
according to Dean for Institutional 
Advancement, Ruth S. Shuman. "The 
big celebration on May 17-20, 2001, will 
include ribbon cuttings, dedications, 
awards ceremonies, an alumni art show, 
an all-College evening at the Boston Pops, 
an impressive Commencement proces- 
sional that will include presidents and rep- 
resentatives from many of the surrounding 
colleges and universities, and a neighbor- 
hood picnic." 

The celebration will include an all- 
alumni reunion weekend and graduation, 
at which former Texas Governor Ann 

Richards will deliver the commencement 

A host of well-known guest speakers 
will be participating, among them Ted 
Leonsis, president of AOL, Interactive 
Properties Group, and skier and Olympic 
medalist Bonnie St. John Deane. 

"We are planning for the entire 150 
celebration to be well beyond anything 
ever held on the Lasell campus," Dean 
Shuman explains. "We encourage all our 
Lasell friends, those on campus and off, to 
mark the date and plan to participate in 
some way. Our goal is to bring at least 
1000 alumni back to campus. It provides 
an opportunity to renew old relationships 
and see and experience the new Lasell!" 

MAY 17-20, 2001 (a sampling of events) 



• Founder's Day Kick Off 

• Time Capsule Ceremonies 

• Founder's Day Luncheon 

THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2001 

• 3 p.m. — Convocation Ceremony at 
Lasell Village. Speaker. Loretta LaRoche, stress 
management consultant and humorist 

• 5 p.m. — Alumni art show and reception with 
collection of period costumes displayed in the 
Yamawaki Art & Cultural Center and Lasell Village 

• Lasell Night: An evening at the Boston Pops 

FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2001 

• 10:00 a.m. — Convocation Ceremony, School of Business and Information 
Technology. Speaker: Ted Leonsis, President, AOL, Interactive Properties 

• 12 noon — Lunch 

• 2 p.m. — Convocation Ceremony, School of Allied Health. 
Speaker: Skier Bonnie St. John Deane, Olympic medalist 

• 7 p.m. — Lobster Bake Extravaganza with a "Touch of Class" D.J. 

SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2001 

• 10:45 a.m. — Alumni Parade of Classes 

• 1 1 a.m. — Reunion Convocation 

• 12:15 p.m. — Reunion Luncheon 

• 2:00 p.m. — Ribbon Cutting, the new Winslow Hall & Lasell 150 Dedication 

• 3:00 p.m. — Convocation Ceremony, School of Arts and Sciences 

• 6:30 p.m. — Reception 

• 7:30 p.m. — Gala Dinner Dance. Fashion show and dancing to the music 
of "White Heat," a 14-piece swing band, at the Newton-Marriott Hotel 

SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2001 

• 10:45 a.m. — Academic Procession 

• 1 1 a.m. — Commencement: The Honorable Ann Richards, speaker and 
honorary degree recipient 

• 1 p.m. — Lunch and musical entertainment, afternoon Tanglewood-style 
outdoor symphony performance. Former Orphean/Lamplighters singers 
to perform 


22 |3^50 fall 2000 


EDITOR'S NOTE: In the interest of protecting the privacy of our alumni, it is the policy 
of the Alumni Affairs Office not to divulge alumni addresses, e-mail addresses or phone 
numbers unless it has been verified that the request is from another alumnus. 

The content of Class Notes is based on material submitted to Lasell College's Alumni 
Office. Due to the large number of submissions, Lasell is unable to verify the factual content 
of each entry and is not responsible for erroneous material. 

Because of the possibility of unexpected changes, we do not publish bridal engagements, 
or, in general, future events, but will be delighted to announce weddings and those events 
that have already taken place. 

The Class Notes printed in this issue were received by June 20, 2000 and notes 
received after that date will appear in the next issue. If you wish to have a photograph 
returned, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. 

Please send your news to your Class Secretary or to the Alumni Office at 1844 
Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA 02466-2716 



{Catherine Kelley Gaul was sorry to miss her 75th 
Reunion and sent greetings to all. "A special greeting to 
President Tom." 


Virginia Wood Clark is in her 38th year as organist at 
her church. She enjoys gardening and has eight grandchil- 
dren and six great-grandchildren. Virginia and her daugh- 
ter, Carol McKay Chaudiere '53, attended Reunion togeth- 
er in 1998. 

Marjorie Parrish Green '29 and Henrietta His gen 
Campbell '28 at the Lasell Luncheon at Tarpon 
Springs Yacht Club, March 3, 2000. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Marjorie Magune Curtis added two rooms to her 
house so her daughter, son-in-law and two teenaged 
grandchildren can live with her. "Hectic at times but fun!" 
Although she uses a walker now Marjorie is able to contin- 
ue her altar work at church and recently was feted at a 
"large 90th really surprise birthday party." 


Hazel Merritt Bliven writes: "Elizabeth Hayford 
Stewart and I are still hanging on. However, I'm really tee- 
tering. Our weeks at the beach are now just memories, but 
good ones." 


Mabelle Hickcox Camp 
135 Pomperaug Woods 
Southbury, CT 06488-1873 

Carol Morehouse Jones 
108 Brynwood Drive 
Easton, PA 18045-2205 

Caroline Frey Anderson recom- 
mends life care living. 

In February 1999, Mabelle Hickcox 
Camp moved from her 150-year-old 
home to a living care community in 
Southbury, CT, where she is very happy 
and glad to be relieved of caring 
for her house. 

CLASS OF 1925 

Martha Fish Holmes earned the distinction of being 
the most senior alumna in attendance at Reunion. 

Marjorie Jones Joslyn is busy and healthy. She exercis- 
es, plays bridge and sings in the choir. She is active at her 
senior citizen's retirement community. Marjorie, a widow, 
has three children, seven grandchildren and two great- 


Ly dia Barnes Smith has moved to a retirement communi- 
ty in Belfast, ME. "No more 'ferry stress' or responsibility for 
plowing and shoveling snow, mowing grass, etc." 

Barbara McKelleget was sorry to miss Reunion and sent 
warm greetings to all classmates. "I love Lasell!" 

Katharine Peck Dietler spent a week on Tortola with her 
two daughters in April and hoped to return to her mountain 
home in June, after attending her grandson's college gradua- 
tion and Reunion. 

Mary Jane Selby Guerry stays in contact with Lasell 
roommate Kay Peck Dietler and recently spoke with Eleanor 
Meyer Gere, Barbara Ordway Brewer and Priscilla Winslow. 

Virginia White Wardwell writes "Moved to a retirement 
home March 1, 2000, after 27 years at Ironwood. Am not a 
Happy Camper yet, but maybe in time!?" 

Priscilla Winslow still plans to sell her mobile home in 
Maine and move nearer to Lasell. 

CLASS OF 1935 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Phyllis Gunn Rodgers 

80 Top Hill Road, Sounder stozvn, RI 02874-3236 

Emily Hubbel Weiss has 10 grandchildren, two of 
whom graduated from college this year. Emily writes: "Still 
love Lasell and am amazed at our progress. Bless Tom de 
Witt and his wonderful crew." 


Louise Tardivel Higgins 

c/o Forte, 131 Oxbow Road, Needham, MA 02492-1017 

Prudence Crandall Randall is on the advisory board of 
North Shore Salvation Army in Saugus. 

We hope Alcine Rippere Gager has recovered fully 
from the broken legs she sustained in an automobile 

Augusta Williamson Hopkins and her husband, 
George, enjoyed the holidays in New Hampshire and 
Maine, spent September in Maine and enjoyed a fine 
Elderhostel week at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL, 
in the spring. 


Arlene Wishart Sylvester 

81 Woodland Road, Auburndale, MA 02466-2332 

Olive Boynton Garron writes that she is very proud of 
Lasell and how it has grown. 

Jean Aljoe Buurman '39 was recently awarded the Order 
of Palmetto in recognition of her generous hospitality 
over the years to exchange students and foreign adults 
through Rotary International and Sister Cities. 


Louisa Clark Harrington 

399 Lexington Street, Waltham,MA 02459-0933 

Frances Shepard Pilkington plans to continue living 
between Mansfield, MA, and Sarasota, FL, "as long as I 
have a pulse!" 

We hope Rosalie Winchell Cutler has recovered fully 
from her recent surgery. 


Class Notes 


Priscilla Sleeper Sterling 

50 Newport Road #53, Neiv London, NH 03257-4228 

Elizabeth Briard Sullivan has 12 children, 29 grand- 
children, and five great-grandchildren and makes porce- 
lain dolls. 

Priscilla Spence Hall and her husband have decided to 
make New Smyrna Beach, FL, their year-round-home. "It 
has a beautiful setting with gorgeous beach and nice little 
town - close to whatever action you'd want. Call if you're 
nearby - it would be fun to reminisce." 

Barbara Thornburg Donnelly reports that her son is 
our ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldive Islands. 

We were sorry to learn from her husband that Marjorie 
Langworthy Hegeman is in an advanced state of 

Alzheimer's and has been in a nursing home 
for the past two years. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

CLASS OF 1940 

S .4 W ' - 




* i 

Elizabeth Carlisle Holmberg enjoyed an Alaskan trip last 
summer and keeps busy with a quilting group at her church. 

Lasell remains ever grateful to Ruth Fulton Rardin for 
volunteering each week at the Brennan Library. She also 
does volunteer work for her church. 

Margaret Gibb Jackson writes that "Between wheel 
chair and walker I don't get around very much." She has 
come through a couple of difficult years, including two 
knee replacements and an infection which necessitated the 
amputation of her leg. She was sorry to miss Reunion. 

Sybil Hartley Eshbach is enjoying her retirement and 
attends as many Portland, ME, Sea Dog baseball games as 

Sibyl Lander Labonte has recently visited the Orient, 
the Panama Canal and her daughter in Arkansas. 

Congratulations to Mary Mauroyenis Bosley and her 
husband, Edward, who recently celebrated their 50th 
wedding anniversary. 

We were so sorry to learn from Priscilla Sleeper 
Sterling of the death of her husband, Robert, on July 15, 
1999, and we send her our deepest sympathy. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Virginia DeNyse 

77 Crosslands Drive, Kennett Square, PA 19348-2012 

Geraldine Bixby Averill has two great-granddaugh- 
ters, but they live in Maui, a long way from Gerry's home 
in Barre, VT. 

Reba Campbell Wires is now retired after having 
worked in Weston's assessor's office for several years. 

Justine Ransom Goebel plays duplicate bridge, is 
active in The Colonial Dames and Daughters of Founders 
and Patriots and serves on the board of the Stamford, CT, 
Woman's Club. She has seven grandchildren and two 


Dorothy Mosher Stone 

5 Mainsail Circle, P.O. Box 483 , Mashpee, MA 02649 

Ruth Bowlend Eckhoff enjoys quilting and painting and 
is an avid spectator at University of Florida sporting events. 


Mary Ledbetter Bastean 

22525 4th Street East, Treasure Island, FL 33706-4433 

Nancy Leavis Bailey has four children, nine grandchil- 
dren and three great-grandchildren, all living in different 
parts of the country and on Okinawa. Nancy travels exten- 
sively to visit everyone. 

Eloise Moffett Harper's husband, Thomas, died on 
January 18, 1998, and we send her our sincere condolences. 

Elsinor Prouty Mallory is a widow and works three 
days a week despite the fact that she lost her right leg three 
years ago. 

Jean Campbell 

84 Laurel Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719 

After living in Florida for 25 years, Claire 
LeComte Roy and her husband have moved 
back to South Dartmouth, MA, where they are 
closer to their family. 

Frances Pariseau Ouellette's two grand- 
nephews keep her active and young. 

Dorothy Smith Williams was looking for- 
ward to her granddaughter's wedding in April. 

Marilyn Blodgett Williamson 

60 Ledgelawn Avenue, Lexington, MA 02420-3449 

Anne Heaphy Briggs has been a widow since 1998. She 
has four grandchildren. 

Mary Jane Magnusson Megroz enjoys retirement and 
traveled to Europe last year. She and her husband spend 
three days each week on Long Island and four in 
Larchmont, and six weeks each winter in Puerto Rico. 

Lee Parker McBurnie enjoyed a mini-reunion with 
classmates at Phyllis Paige Downes' home in New 
Hampshire last summer. 

We send our deepest sympathy to Bunny Quinn 
McKenna on the sudden death of her son, Richard. 

Now that she is happily retired, Corinne Schlegel 
Norris has added a gorgeous red Irish Setter to her family. 


* * £k 


Nonie Lederman Carroll 

Tres Vidas, Townhouse #16E 
2335 South Ocean Boulevard 
Palm Beach, FL 33480 

Sarah Atwater Mesmer enjoys the great weather in 
Fort Myers from December to mid-May. 

Theresa Bergeron Hoyt's first love is still travel. 
Photography is one of her favorite hobbies and she won a 
top award in 1999. 

Barbara Birnbaum Green graduated with a business 
degree from the University of Southern California. She is 
active in golf, church, and gardening. Barbara's daughter 
and grandson live nearby. 

Gloria Sylvia Paolella 

34 Kate's Path, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675-1448 

Carolyn Lewis Tufts wrote of a wonderful year she and 
her husband spent on mission for their Mormon Church. 
They were in Nova Scotia for only three weeks before being 
sent to Bay Roberts, Newfoundland. Betty Williams 
McGowan visited them there and Carolyn and Larry are 
grateful not only for her visit, but also her letters of encour- 
agement and "care" packages of cookies and candies. 

Gloria Sylvia Paolella and her husband, John, spend 
most of their time at their home in Yarmouth Port on Cape 
Cod. They keep their New York apartment and go there fre- 
quently to attend the theatre, concerts and museums and to 
see friends. "We still own our own plane, so flying between 
the two locations sure beats driving." Their recent travels 
have taken the Paolellas to Italy and Portugal, San Diego 
and Las Vegas. Gloria planned to attend her 50th Reunion at 
Connecticut College this past June and then undergo a hip 

CLASS OF 1945 


Marjory Dillon Ramsdell and her husband, Bob, live 
in Sarasota seven months a year and Maine for four — 
"migration time" one month! Marjory sees Sue Slocum 
Klingbeil occasionally and Doris Winkemeier 
Dieffenbach and Rosamond McCorkindale Blizard 

Jane Fullerton Carlson's retirement is filled with travel, 
volunteering at her church and in her community and the 
pleasures of four grandsons. 

Shirley Gleason enjoys her retirement and hopes to do 
more traveling this year than last. She sees some Cape Cod 
Lasell alums from time to time. 

Dorothy Holman Rich is in good health and, when we 
heard from her in the spring, was about to become a great- 
grandmother. She planned to attend a second granddaugh- 
ter's wedding in October. 

Barbara Mulcahy Witham was sorry to miss Reunion 
but was traveling at the time and attended the Passion Play 
in Oberammergau, Germany. 

Dorothy Piper Bottalico gives piano lessons and enjoys 
traveling with friends. She travels to Hawaii to visit her 
son and his family. 

Elsie Simonds Follett has seven grandchildren and 
plans a large family reunion in July. She was sorry to miss 
Reunion and sends best wishes to all classmates. 

Althea Taylor Goldberg was sorry to miss Reunion. 
She and her husband are enjoying retirement in New 
Jersey and Florida. 

Nancy Larsen Bailey 
135 Exeter Road 
Hampton, NH 03842-1908 

Phyllis Allen Shepard 

writes: "Living, teaching, mak- 
ing music in Tennessee in the 
winter; swimming, canoeing, 
fishing, singing and making 
'early' music spring, summer 

Anne Chapman Berl keeps 
in touch with Mary Young 
Jacobs in Rhode Island, Patricia 
Mangan Price in Florida, 
Muriel Diversi Cuddy in New 
Hampshire, Mary Maxson 
Winquist in New Jersey and 
Nancy Parker Klontz in Kansas, 
and is looking forward to the 
next Reunion. 

We were sorry to learn 
from Florence Keeney Havens 

that her husband, Everett, died of ALS on March 1, and we 

send her our sincere condolences. 

Patricia Newman Carter's husband passed away in the 

spring, and we send her our deepest sympathy. 


Class Notes 

Nancy Lawson Donahue 

52 Belmont Avenue, Lowell, MA 01852-2865 

Corinne Capone McGuiggan enjoyed the wonderful 
weather in Clearwater, FL, for a month last winter. 

Ann Fletcher Simonds has written 40 humor stories 
and "The Fletcher Family History." She lives in the Florida 
Keys and in New Hampshire. "Mother is 93! CanNOT 
believe I am 70!" 

Helen Mayoh Greenhalgh has moved into a new condo 
in historic Bristol, RI, where she has a bird's-eye view of the 
famous 4th of July parade, fireworks and outdoor summer 
concerts. She has two grandsons. 

Eleanor Ritchie Elmore welcomed a new grandchild 
last year. 

Congratulations to Mary Stone Leary who is now a 
great-grandmother of a baby boy. She planned to attend 
her niece's wedding in Connecticut this spring. The mother 
of the bride is Judy Stone Grabar '54. 


Hearts Content 
Cable Station 
1 km t 

Betty Williams McGowan '47 and Carolyn Lewis 
Tufts '47, at Heart's Content, Newfoundland, Canada, 
September 4, 1999. 

Jane Wadhams Hazen has very fond memories of 50th 
Reunion and sends greetings to all. 

Marilyn Weeden Davidson had telephone visits in 
March with Diane Palady Barry and Natalie Hall 
Campbell. She and her husband, Bob, spend June in 
Vermont and enjoyed a fantastic trip to Norway last year. 
We were sorry to learn that Marilyn lost her sister to can- 
cer last August and send her our sincere condolences. 

Joan Wolfe Wickham recently welcomed her fifth 
granddaughter and got together with Gene Starrett 
Anderson in Vero Beach last winter. 

Jacquelyn Word S tailings has three children and five 
grandchildren. She and her husband have retired to their 
summer home in Oriental, NC. 


Nancy Bean Lord 

772 Camden Road, Hope, ME 04847 

Marni Nahigian Sarkisian 

256 South Avenue, Weston, MA 02493 

See page 19 of Leaves for a photo of the Class of 1950 
at the Lasell All- Alumni Reunion this past June. 

Jane Abels Eshbaugh served for 18 years on the Board 
of Health in Barnstable on Cape Cod and then on Town 
Council for a four-year- term. She is working part-time at a 
garden nursery and enjoys community theater, golf and 
travel. Jane has a son and daughter. 

Congratulations to Joyce Andrews Phelps who recent- 
ly celebrated her 35th wedding anniversary. Joyce and her 

On March 10, 2000, these five classmates attended the 
Lasell luncheon in Boca Raton, FL. They are, from left 
to right, Joan Antun Rednor, June Handleman 
Gilmartin, Dorothy Goehring Rourke, Sally Hughes 
Fasick and Rosemary O'Brien deBelay. 

husband live in Larchmont, NY, and also keep an apart- 
ment in Evanston, IL, to be close to their daughter and her 
two little boys. 

Anita Angelus Koulopoulos is trying to master the com- 
puter before her five grandchildren do. She is busy with gar- 
den club activities and floral decorations for her church. 

Janet Bell Luening enjoys golf and travel, including a 
return trip to London in May and a visit to Paris where her 
daughter planned to join her. 

Sylvia Cutler Neistadt is a graduate of New England 
School of Art and Merrimack College. She is the activity 

director in a nursing home and has two children and seven 

Janet Deutsch Bogue loves living on the Rainbow 
River in Florida and recently bought a condo at Heritage 
Village in Southbury, CT, to be nearer family and friends. 

Joan Dorau Hohorst and her husband spent 15 years 
running two shortline railroads in Tennessee. They have 
12 grandchildren, love to travel and enjoy boating and 
the beach. 

Jeanne Hackett Desmond is a retired realtor and has 
four grandchildren. She loves to travel and play bridge and 
enjoys getting together with Lasell roommate Clara Silsby 
Lamperti, Joan Koch Ryan and Lois Form Senft several 
times a year at Clara's summer home in Pennsylvania and 
in Warren, NJ. She speaks with Joan Hahn Fern quite often 
and spent several days last summer with Vaughn and 
Carol Haye Deal at their summer camp in Cushing, ME. "I 
love my life in Old Saybrook, CT!!" 

Carol Haye Deal and her husband feel very blessed 
with a wonderful family and life in Maine. 

Phyllis Howard Conner welcomed her fourth grand- 
child, a little girl, in January 1999. Since retiring, she and 
her husband spend eight months in Florida and the sum- 
mer in New Hampshire. 

Sally Hughes Fasick spends summers on Cape Cod, 
winters in Ft. Lauderdale and visits Virginia in between. 
Neither of her children is married and "the only thing 
missing is a grandchild." Sally enjoyed seeing Robbie 
O'Brien deBelay, Dot Goehring Rourke, Joan Antun 
Rednor and June Handleman Gilmartin at the Lasell lun- 
cheon in Boca Raton. 

Lynne Kovalinas Ierardi writes: "Still a single parent 
even though I am a grandma." She has one grandson and 
works to help support her daughters. 

Since her husband's death Anne Mastin Egner has 
enjoyed traveling with a Lasell classmate and planned to 
try an Elder hostel trip. 

Janice McGoughran is a second grade volunteer helping 
students with reading difficulties. "Also designated 'speller' 
for the teacher." She volunteers with Sonoma Valley Chorale 
League helping at concerts and with preparation. 

Clara Silsby Lamperti visited Carol Haye Deal in 

Maine last summer. Clara and her husband, Bob, and 
Jeanne Hackett Desmond had a wonderful time with 
Carol and her husband, Vaughn. 

Marylin Sargent Babineau has had wonderful trips to 
China, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. She has eight 
grandchildren and spends time in Florida in the fall and 
spring. During the winter she enjoys cross-country skiing 
and attending her grandson's basketball games. 

Maryann Sylvester Tremblay is retired from Citicorp. 
She is a widow and has five children and two grandchildren. 

The National Library of Poetry publishes Jacquelyn 
Temperley Jennings' poems. They include "Encore" and 
"Once in a Life Time" in the United States and "Doolin" in 
County Clare, Ireland. 

Beverly Walker Ward was sorry to miss Reunion. She and 
her husband are building a new home. They have four grand- 
children and one great-grandchild. The Wards are enjoying 
their pet sitting business that they started two years ago. 

Joan Wallace Billings has two grandsons and enjoys 
skiing and playing tennis. She and her husband travel 
extensively and Joan was sorry to miss Reunion 

Carmen Welch Clark had a wonderful mini-reunion at 
Harriet Schwarz Ryan's '51 home in Falmouth last sum- 
mer. Also in attendance were Ellie Barton, Naomi Cox 
Santoro, and Joan LeFrank '51. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Libbie Fleet Glazer 

94 Fairfield Street, Lowell, MA 01851-3911 

Members of the Class of 1950: (1 to r) Nancy Wilson, Dot Goehring 
Rourke, Sally Hughes Fasick, Lois Schaller Toegemann, Carolyn 
Snook Rauscher and Marilyn Hubner Sherwood at Reunion. 

Janet Murphy George is enjoying retirement and has 
finished her second term as president of the local women's 
club. She is active in her church and town activities. 

Marguerite Nahigian Sarkisian was feted on her 70th 
birthday in March with a party at the Pillar House. She and 
her husband are active with Gideon International. She 
enjoyed a tour of the national parks last summer. She is 
active with community league, garden club and the local 
clothing exchange. 

Rosemary O'Brien deBelay visited her daughter's fam- 
ily in Lausanne and her son's in Hong Kong. She has six 

Christine Oliveto Davis and her husband, Jack, enjoyed 
a fabulous Elderhostel in Spain last October, and continued 
on to Paris, Andorra and Madrid on their own. Christine 
recommends Elderhostel very highly after this most recent 
trip and another to Sicily in 1998. Christine works two days 
a week at Talbof s Kids. She has two grandchildren. 

Helen Pane sis George has lived on the Cape for 10 
years. She has done lots of volunteer work including a 
gourmet chefs program for the benefit of Hellenic College 
featuring Julia Child, Julia's husband and Gus Saunders. 

Shirley Richman Miller and her husband have lived in 
their Wellesley home for 33 years and enjoy babysitting 
with their two grandchildren. They travel extensively and 
enjoy the blessings of health and a good life. 

Joan Robilotto Gibson and her husband travel fre- 
quently, visiting favorite old places and trying new ones. 
Their favorite destination is Singapore where they lived 
from 1969 to 1972. Daughters and families five very nearby. 

Ruth Rosebrock Tobias remarried in 1998. She and her 
husband travel quite a bit. She has two children and three 

Carol Bancroft owns and operates Carol Bancroft & 
Friends, a firm representing illustrators who specialize in 
art for children's books, etc. Last fall she traveled to 
Kinsdale, Ireland, where she visited a British illustrator 
and then was off to San Francisco for the winter holidays. 
Arlene Kelly Erdman enjoyed the Lasell gathering at 
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea in March. 

Donna Lincoln Smith fives in Billings, 
Montana. She retired from teaching five years ago 
and since then has traveled with a dear friend 
throughout the US, Mexico, Canada and abroad. 
Donna has eight granddaughters, one grandson 
and three great-grandchildren. She exchanges 
cards with Jean Davis Walter and hoped to see 
Shirley Gregory Gardner when they attended 
their 50th high school reunion in Darien, CT. 

Bonnie Reis Doe and her husband, Randy, 
live in Cardiff, CA, and spent a romantic New 
Year's welcoming the new century at a Palm 
Springs resort. 

Nancy Roetting Clifford is looking forward 
to Reunion 2001, when Lasell will celebrate its 
150th year. 

Doris Stewart Sutton is enjoying retirement in 
the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. She and her 
husband travel whenever they can and Doris 
looks forward with great anticipation to next 
year's 50th Reunion. 

Marion Stupak Bouchie has two little grand- 
daughters. She has an antique dealer's license and attends 
auctions in Boston and New York. Marion also writes of 
the tragic death of her son, Christopher. He suffered 
uncomplainingly for 20 years with MS and was a great 
inspiration to handicapped students at the University of 
Massachusetts, Boston. We send our deepest regrets to 
Marion on the loss of her wonderful son. Marion plans 
another trip to Kiev and St. Petersburg, Russia, to renew 
old relationships and to find the birthplace of her father. 
She is hoping to make Reunion in 2001 . 

Mary Jane White Miller works several days a week in 
Chatham, on Cape Cod, at Tale of the Cod, where several 
Lasell alums drop in every now and then when they need 
gifts or furniture. 


Jean Aslaksen Podimsky 

P.O. Box 57, Barnegat Light, NJ 08006 

Nancy Allen Banks has four daughters and all visited 
Nancy's granddaughter in Venice during her junior year 

Ruth Brown Taylor is retired now and cares for her 
husband who suffers from Parkinson's Disease. She has 
three children and three grandchildren, and misses her 
work as a teaching assistant. 

Phyllis Gleason Riley recently welcomed a new grand- 
daughter, visited Costa Rica and went on safari in 
Tanzania and Kenya. "It was like being in the middle of a 
'National Geographic' special, surrounded by elephants, 
zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, etc. Wonderful experience, tent- 
ing out in the open." 


Class Notes 

Lois Hickey Treacy and Marilyn Hetzke Moore with 
Marilyn's daughter, Kathleen. 

Marilyn Hetzke Moore and Lois Hickey Treacy had a 

mini-reunion in Chicago in June 1999. They attended, 
along with their husbands, Marilyn's son's wedding. Lois 
is his godmother and a good time was had by all. Marilyn 
planned to attend her 50th high school reunion in New 
Jersey in May 2000 and was very much looking forward to 
seeing Joanne Getz Silverstein then. 

Marilyn McGuire promises to fill us in on the June 
reunion of 13 members of the class who lived in Briggs. 

Ann Rathburn Spadola is widowed, has three children 
and lives in Sun Lakes, AZ, not far from Elaine Quavillon 
Tull '51. 

Dorothy Webb Slack is a VISTA volunteer this year 
with RSVP Worcester, MA, as literacy coordinator. She 
recruits and trains senior citizens to work with at-risk, 
urban, elementary students in improving their literacy 


Elizabeth Keys Gage 

49 Twilight Road, Bay Head, NJ 08742-4758 

Sylvia Pfeiff er Nesslinger 

2840 Doncaster Road, Columbus, OH 43221-3034 

Janet Chase Ash is semi-retired now, working three 
days a week. She has one little granddaughter and was 
astounded to run into Elsie Knaus Klemt and Sylvia 
Pfeiffer Nesslinger on the River Walk in San Antonio! 

Diane Cueny Harden and her husband are enjoying 
retirement in Tampa. During the summer they visit their 
three granddaughters. Diane enjoyed an overnight visit 
with Jean Weeks Hanna last March at Jean's home on 
Longboat Key. 

Mary Ann Donahue, the director of on-air production 
for WNET in New York City, writes, 'Times are interesting 
in television these days - we're living with new technology 
and learning something new everyday. Looking forward to 
a little relief skiing in Park City, UT, and near Lake Tahoe." 

Shirley Gibbons San Soucie co-manages a historical 
museum in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard and she'd 
love to see Lasellites from '53 and '54 if they visit. She 
spent five weeks in Longwood, FL, and traveled to 
Fontainebleau, France, to visit her son, his wife and men- 
son for three weeks. 

We hope Ruth Stockbridge Tolar has fully recovered 
after her recent hospital stay. 

Audrey Thompson Rielle keeps busy with volunteer 
work and seeing friends. She and her husband visit their 
children and grandchildren in Chicago, Denver and New 
York as often as possible. 

Beverly Thornton Hallowell enjoys her volunteer 
work at Metro West Medical Center in Natick. She served 
on the 350th celebration committee for the town of 
Medfield and recently welcomed her ninth grandchild. 

Joy Ufford Penderville is "enjoying the retirement 
scene - traveling, volunteering, taking care of grandchil- 
dren and hobbies." 


Corinne Coyle Lydem 

7 Fitzpatrick Road, Ansonia, CT 06401 

Anna-Mae George Barney has been a widow for three 
years. She is a fashion coordinator at The Store in Wellesley 
and sees her eight grandchildren often. 

Our sincere condolences go out to Faith Harvey Fisler 
on the death of her sister, Georgina Harvey Halewood, a 
former Lasell secretary. 

Deborah Potter Waugh has lived in Harwichport on 
Cape Cod for ten years. She keeps busy with garden club, 
church, yacht club and some wonderful trips to Europe. 
She and her husband have eight granddaughters and four 

Shirley Read Lupien planned to celebrate her 
45th wedding anniversary in June with a cruise around 
Scandinavia and is looking forward to retirement next year. 

Nancy Swanson Horsfield lives on a lake where her 
grandchildren visit often. She keeps in touch with Mary 
Atterbury Bradshaw with phone calls and several visits 
each year. 

Joan Trenholm Morris enjoyed seeing classmates at 
last year's Reunion and looks forward to the 50th in 2004. 

Priscilla Head Davis is retired and living on Cape Cod. 
They try to take two or three trips every year and have 
recently visited Florida and France. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Deanne Dario Sferrino 

10 Liberty Avenue, Burlington, MA 01803 


Jackie Cain Sheils is enjoying retirement and spent the 
past two winters in Florida. 

Judith Gushue Blythe had a wonderful time when she, 
Angie Tabellario Mitchell and Hazel Schoppy Callahan 
had lunch together while Angie was visiting her daughter 
in New Jersey. 

Nancy Goodman Cobin lives in Sarasota in the winter 
and in Wareham, MA, in the summer. 

Barbara Hammett Elkinton was sorry to miss Reunion 
but was traveling. She is learning to play golf and spends 
nine months in Wolfeboro, NH, and three in Palm City, FL. 

Diana Hendley Cooper and her husband, Gordon, 
spent a week with their children and grandchildren in 
Stowe, VT, enjoying cross-country and downhill skiing. 

Beverly Kimball Lamburn works part-time at her fam- 
ily's ice cream stand. She has three children and three 

CLASS OF 1955 

Joan Fleming Dudek and her husband live in Dover, 
NH, and are the parents of three daughters, including 
Holly '80. 

Best wishes to Birgit Freeman Rhoads who is celebrat- 
ing her first year as a breast cancer survivor and doing 
wonderfully well. She continues to show dogs and is wind- 
ing down her grooming business. 

We wish Myrna Green McKee a speedy and full recov- 
ery from her recent open-heart surgery. 

Nancy Smith Marchese is looking forward to Reunion 
2001 and hopes all are making plans now to attend. 

Audrey Spawn Stockman has two granddaughters and 
a grandson. 


grandchildren and enjoys gardening, hiking, traveling to 
national parks and Florida winter vacations. "Best of health 
to my classmates!" 

Judith Lanese Karazulas is a sales associate with 
Coldwell Banker. 

Carol Merwin Robinson and her husband have a won- 
derful time touring the country in their RV. Last summer 
they visited both Canada and Alaska. 

Joan Murano Swanson has recently traveled extensive- 
ly in New York and the New England states. 

Margaret Murray Kerbaugh and her husband spent 
their first retirement winter in Florida, where they pur- 
chased a motor home and now hope to spend winters trav- 
eling around the country. "Hope to find some of you!" 

In her retirement Caroljean Somers Ogrodnik is very 
involved in her granddaughters' lives - "between Girl 
Scouts, church activities, band and school activities - well, 
time flies by! Hello to all '55 gals!" 

Phyllis Thompson Vesey is training to be a mentor to 
young mothers in "Another Mother" program. She and her 
husband are very active in their 
church with weekly hikes and nurs- 
ing home worship programs. The 
Veseys live in Arizona and planned a 
family reunion this past August in 
Shenandoah National Park. 

Barbara Travis Hendrick spends 
nine months in Florida and three on 
her farm in New Hampshire. 
Congratulations to Barbara on mak- 
ing "life master" in duplicate bridge! 

Marilyn Valter Maclay and her 
husband travel widely with Cornell 
University Campus Abroad. Last year 
they visited the Panama Canal, Fiji, 
New Zealand and Australia. When at 
home Marilyn keeps busy with family 
and community service volunteering 
and managing her Maui condo. She 
was sorry to miss Reunion and sends 
greetings to all. 

Ada Whitmore Suydam 

35 Carey Road, Needham, MA 02494-1103 

Eileen Conradi Lynch looks forward to traveling to Alaska 
or Greece on a cruise, and to retiring this year and joining many 
happy friends playing bridge and golf. 

We were so glad 
to "find" Pat Dodge 
Stewart - actually she 
found us again! She is 
now retired and has 
kept in touch with 
Lasell roommate Judy 

We were very sor- 
ry to learn that Gayle 
Ness McLaren's hus- 
band, Gordon, passed 
away recently and 
send her our deepest 

Pailuotto Gaudio 
thinks of her Lasell 
experience and Lasell 
friends often. She 
enjoys being a grand- 
mother and her work 
as a clinician/family 
therapist. She is often 
in the Boston area and 
would love to get together with old friends here. 

Marion Ruttle Nesbitt and her husband have nine grand- 
children who all live nearby. Marion gets together frequently 
with Joan Waters Finch. 

Shirley Silverman Koss has been married for 42 years and 
has two children and three grandchildren. 


Betty Anderson Fairchild 

5 Grennan Road, West Hartford, CT 06107-1818 

Janet McPherson Pretto enjoys life with her two grand- 
children. She has moved one block to a larger house and 
invites you to come visit when in the San Francisco area. 

Elaine Shanken Fischer is happily retired in Boca 
Raton with her husband. She has two grandchildren who 
live in Newton. 

Margot Stern Ruskin is an educational consultant run- 
ning her own business, College Connections. 

Couples left to right: Judy Feldt and Rich Oswald, Gail Winalski and Elliott 
Burd, Jeanne Bradner and Gene Morgan and Gail Seibert and Scott Glover at the 
Glover's in Punta Gorda, FL, March 2000. 

Class Notes 



Junis Anderson Nicholson and Marilyn 
Miller Harris and their husbands met for a 
delightful evening and look forward to seeing each 
other more often from now on. Their granddaugh- 
ter is the focus of their attention and a trip to 
Alaska with friends was planned for June. 

Barbara Balkus Sgroi is a registered nurse at 
Albany Memorial Hospital. She has two grandsons 
and is involved with them in karate. Barbara 
enjoys a Hawaiian winter vacation each year. 

Carolyn Wood Brox enjoyed lunch in February 
with Ann Douglass Wood and Barbara Howell 

Ann Douglass Wood is enjoying a new way of 
life now that her husband has retired. They have 
three grandchildren. 

Elizabeth Healy Shelby has four grandchil- 
dren and loves her life in the mountains on a pristine lake 
in New Hampshire. 

Carol Slocum Hulse and her husband, Roy, visit light- 
houses on the Maine coast each September and hope to 
spend summers in Bar Harbor when they retire. They have 
seven children and 10 grandchildren. 


Kathleen Etz Venier is a decorator in the Boston area. 
Photos of the master bedroom she did for the Junior 
League of Boston's showhouse were published in 
Traditional Home. 

Marcia Sullivan Kiley is a broker with Century 21 
Adams in Belmont, MA. 

Patricia Tassinari Smith plans a move to Cape 
Porpoise, ME. 


Faith Bowker Maloney 

63 Burnt Swamp Road, Wrentham, MA 02093 

Elizabeth Bigelow George is busy teaching medical 
coding and billing and recently did an online class for 
Fisher College. 

Susan Fietze Haase is a third-year law student and 
enjoys keeping up with news of Lasell. 

Frances Fleming Kennedy sees quite a bit of Cricket 
Bigelow George, Karen Kirk Macintosh, Elaine Waters 
Shaunessy, Mora Hillman Maher and Pamela Smith 
Howland "and if s always great fun!" 

Lynda Green Scourtis relocated to Ogunquit, ME, from 
Brookline, MA, in 1998. She and her husband, Alex, are 
both working from their house and are self-employed and 
semi-retired. Their plans include lots of travel. 

Karen Kirk Macintosh enjoys living in New Hampshire 
with her husband and 15-year- old son. She works with spe- 
cial education students in kindergarten and first grade and 
keeps in touch with good friends from Lasell. 

Barbara McAlary Kashar has four children, teaches in 
Mashpee, MA, and has visited Alaska, Turkey, China and 

Mary McCartney Kuhrtz is an appraiser in the furniture 
and decorative arts department for Butterfields Auctions in 
Chicago - a division of E-Bay. "Every day is an 'antique road- 
show' for me, as all of my contemporaries are downsizing and 
want to know what their things are worth." 

Linda Ostrom Goodwin retired from teaching after 35 
years and is now busy working with elderly adults at her 

Jerry Cauley, Joan Herrick Cauley '60, Martha Goodwin 
Bissonnette '60 and Ralph Bissonnette enjoyed dinner together 
in Sarasota last March during the Bissonnette's month-long 
visit to Florida. 

Anne Sutherland Rollins teaches three days a week in 
Natick and enjoys her five grandchildren, condo and cats. 
Her hobbies include gardening and music. 

Elaine Waters Shaunessy and her husband enjoy ski- 
ing and hiking in the White Mountains and traveling. They 
have a four-year-old granddaughter - "our toy!" 

Joan White Martin is in her 18th year as 
innkeeper/owner of The Red House Country Inn "(visit 
on-line". She has taken up 
competitive trail riding and loves it. Joan owns one horse, a 
pony and dogs and cats. 

Susann York Stadtf eld enjoys golf, her retirement and 
her two grandchildren. She was sorry to miss Reunion 
because of family obligations that weekend. 


Linda Foster Nixon 

350 Stage Island Road, Chatham, MA 02633 

Susan Layng Bogle 

22605 SW 103rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33176 

Sally Hayes Kiesling is a staff nurse and nurse educa- 
tor on an inpatient med.-surg. /oncology floor at Beverly 
Hospital. She and her husband have two sons and love to 
travel and enjoyed a fun 10-day Ireland adventure with 
Sally's siblings and their spouses. 

Katherine Healey Marella is busy planning for the 
weddings of her son and daughter and works in a home 
daycare with her new granddaughter. 

Leslie Rich is designing a building and creates custom 

Ellen Sweeney Fox is special events coordinator at 
Texas A & M University. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

CLASS OF 1965 

Ann Porcaro Mucera 

8026 SE Mammoth Drive, Hobe Sound, FL 33455 

Joan Gozzi Metzger recently moved to 
Delray Beach, FL, where she has a new job as 
executive secretary in human resources compen- 
sation and benefits with Siemens in Boca Raton. 

Lynn LaFontaine Dixon enjoys her part-time 
work and has two grandchildren. 

Congratulations to Ann Porcaro Mucera who 
welcomed her first grandchild in January. 

Jeanne Wickenden Lake is self-employed as 
a caregiver for babies and children four days a 
week and plays tennis on Fridays. She and her 
husband have three grown children. 


Linda Resnick Baer 

9 Columbine Drive, Nashua, NH 03063-2113 

Nance Darrow Morin enjoys 
her grandchildren and travels to 
Florida to visit her oldest son in 

Judy Katzoff Holthe has one 
son, lives in Pleasanton, CA, and 
is manager of technical educa- 
tion and training for a lab instru- 
ment company. 

Heather Maxwell Parsons is 
nearing retirement and she and 
her husband have purchased a 
lake house in Michigan to be 
close to their children and 
granddaughter. She sends best 
wishes to all. 

Tracy Potter Vangermeersch 
works for Headstart and writes 
"All's well." 


church day care program. She has a "little sister" through 
the Big Brothers organization, and visited Florida and New 
Orleans. She and her husband, Gene, recently celebrated 
their 37th wedding anniversary. 

Congratulations to Anita Ramirez Zayas who wel- 
comed a new grandchild in July 1999. 

Claire Sullivan Gaylord works at a travel agency and 
plays competitive tennis. She enjoys the activities associat- 
ed with a large family of 12 children and 19 grandchildren. 

Karin Skooglund Bartow 
26 Grozier Road 
Cambridge, MA 02138-3315 

Nancy Bunn Oakes recently 
moved back home after living south of London for the last 
two years. She has a son and daughter and was mother of 
the bride in May. 

Marsha Perlmutter Flaster writes: "I am engaged to the 
most wonderful man in the world!" 

Patricia Ryan Cantin had her Ryan family reunion at 
the Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center here at Lasell on 
December 26, 1999. "It was a wonderful event with over 
100 attending." 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Sue Bratenas Gannon 

4 Gloria Lane, North Reading, MA 01864-2102 

Faye Gorfinkle Stoller 

222 Bittersweet Lane, Randolph, MA 02368 

Gloria Black Woodbury is helping to plan her daughter's 
Maui wedding. She and her husband are living in Houston. 

Jennifer Conners Young now lives in Naples, FL, after 
living abroad for the past 20 years. She has three children. 


Kathryn Morgan Lucey 

265 Concord Street, Newton Lower Falls, MA 02462-1010 

We send condolences to Susan Halewood Crosby on 
the death of her mother, Georgina Harvey Halewood, a 
former Lasell secretary. 

Elaine Pierce Kurau is the southeast regional manager 
for GP Plastics Corp. 


Judith Fellows Skehan 

P.O. Box 422, Hallowell, ME 04347-0422 

Nancy Deveno-Pagano is an art teacher with the Medfield, 
MA, Public Schools and recently completed the MSAE pro- 
gram at Mass Art. She currentiy works in two-dimensional oil 
painting and travels frequently to Italy with her husband, Rich 

Judith Giftos Maynard is a reading specialist with the 
Pittsfield, MA, Public Schools. 

Heather Heath Reed enjoys her work and always makes 
time to travel with her husband. She has enjoyed keeping up 
with classmates since the 30th Reunion. 


Class Notes 

Melissa Smith Hubbard's youngest is grad- 
uating college this year. She stays in touch with 
Nancy Deveno-Pagano, Ann Morehouse 
Power and Nancy Ames. 

Melinda Smith Partridge works at Noble 
Hospital as the volunteer services coordinator. 

Victoria Tennant Bettes works as a comput- 
er lab technician in schools in Washington State. 
After 14 years at the same school, she was 
moved recently to another school where she 
enjoyed getting a newly remodeled computer 
lab up and running. 

CLASS OF 1970 AND 1975 


Mary Ann Mitchell Beaver 
80 Carriage Drive, 
South Windsor, CT 06074-2104 

Betsy Gimbel Ratner writes: "Working with gifted stu- 
dents, new teachers and administrators brings great joys, 
as well as writing curriculum on thinking skills for local 
colleges. . . Remember, Betsy's Bed & Breakfast is open - 
come visit!" 

Shelley Gray Krug is a realtor with Realty Consultants 
in Needham. 

Colleen Scribner Balestrieri, her husband and daugh- 
ter enjoyed a two-week cruise/land adventure to Alaska in 
May with Marie Rondeau Lemoine and her husband. 

Wendy Woolfort Cutler lives in Braintree and missed 
Reunion last year because of her daughter's wedding. 
She'd love to be in touch with Lynn Faber Morrisey and 
Janis Clary. 


Constance Farley Whittall 

Long Hill, Rowley, MA 01969 

Margaret Cohen Sherman invites you to check out her 
websites: and 

Julie, Rebecca and Alison with their father, Peter, and 
mother, Patricia Palmer Woodman. Mom and Dad met 
here at Lasell and have been married 27 years. 

Monica Fuchs has remarried and her new name is 
Monica Fuchs Caplan-Kramer. 

Jan Heaviside is a bookkeeper and volunteers with 
"Race for the Cure." She is a breast cancer survivor and 
Person to Person Citizen Advocate. She and her college-age 
daughter share their home with three cats and a dog. 

Patricia Palmer Woodman is grateful to Lasell and par- 
ticularly to Mrs. Sylvia Goodman who introduced her to 
the field of cytotechnology thirty years ago. She works as 
cytology supervisor at Sarasota Pathology. 

Nancy Suffness Rabuse has a son and daughter and 
lives in White Plains, NY. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Susan Johnson Roach 

182 Curtis Road, Middlebury, CT 06762-3014 

Mary Hobler Hyson is a photographer and was look- 
ing forward to a May-June exhibit of her work entitled 
"The Novel Photography Mystery Show." 

Debbie Kessler Coventry has two teenaged sons. 


Diane Henault-Tosi 

39 Ladds Way, Scituate, MA 02066-1901 

Linda Marino Freeman has three sons and a daughter 
and does homecare between family commitments. 


Lorraine Woodman-Patti 

128 Ball Hill Road, Berlin, MA 01503-1811 

Congratulations to Kristy Kristopher Fox-Berman who 
graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in 
Psychology and is now attending the Rutgers School of 
Social Work. She plans to become a psychiatric social 
worker in private practice. 

Janet Lockwood Hansen Kawada is a member of 
Kingston Gallery and is teaching art at Mass. College of Art 
and New England School of Art and Design. 


Sharon Cowles Kroker 

76 Afterglow Avenue, Verona, NJ 07044-5120 

Nancy Gill is a teacher of the deaf. She recently earned 
her U.S. Coast Guard captain's license and plans to teach 
sailing during summer vacation. 


Pamela Brigham Lippincott 

55 John Scott Boulevard, Norton, MA 02766 

Adoree Kapopoulos McGillvary 

32 Shallow Pond Lane, East Falmouth, MA 02536 

Betsy Betzold Miller lives with her husband and two 
sons near Houston, TX. She teaches art and painting from 
her private studio. 

Rosanna Caf arella Greco works at Massachusetts 
General Hospital and has two sons. 

Laura Kaplan Ouellet works part-time as a medical 
assistant for a women's health clinic. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Rosemary Balberchak Koenig 

96 Tidewater Farm Road, Stratham, NH 03885-2132 

Eileen Collette Cheplick writes that she is returning to 
school and loves life with her husband of 19 years and their 
three boys. 


Kathleen Finnegan 

22 Patricia Lane, Darien, CT 06820 

Margaret Benoit Sapia keeps busy with volunteering 
and activities with her children. 


Sylvia Allen Hazard 

41 Nantrin Terrace, Milford, CT 06460-6741 

Mary Ann Templeton Murray 

111 Tanner Street Manchester, CT 06040 

The daycare teachers for the children of Alison Ix Lutes 
are current Lasell students, and she has enjoyed hearing 
about life on campus 22 years later! She is a senior art 
director with Cahners Business Information. 

Christina Striker Parker is enjoying life with her hus- 
band and four children in Newton, not far from Lasell. 


Betsy De Rosa Wolfe 

5 Martha Drive, Derry, NH 03038 

Patricia Drohan 

1305H Windleaf Drive, Reston, VA 20194-2052 


Patricia Wells Velaj 

94 Southfteld Avenue, #401, 
Stamford, CT 06902-7625 

Jane Cormuss enjoyed a pre-Reunion get-together with 
Martha Little Walters at her home in Billerica. Jane lives in 
Watertown and is University Editor at Boston University. 
She recently substituted here at Lasell teaching a class in 
philosophies of love. 

Martha Little Walters and her husband, Tom, are the 
parents of four sons. Martha is home schooling the two 
youngest and travels to London, Paris and the Caribbean 
with her husband as often as possible. 

CLASS OF 1980 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Karen Rabatsky Rosenthal 

242 Eastwind Drive, Manchester, NH 03104 


Cynthia Osborne Willets 

220 West Avenue, Darien, CT 06877-4308 

Again this year Corinne Guyette Norris and her hus- 
band, Greg, took to the roads on their bikes on behalf of the 
American Lung Association of New Hampshire's "Clean 
Air Challenge." This is a 110-mile bike trek along the New 
Hampshire and Maine seacoasts and through the country- 
side to raise funds for the association. 

Christina Hershey Katsarsky has moved to Syracuse, 
NY, and become a stay-at-home mom to her two sons. She 
volunteers at their school and co-chaired a fundraiser for 
the school playground that raised over $6,000. 


Janice Wright Moran 

20 Lauren Road, Plymouth, MA 02360 

Lisa Adams Edwards recently welcomed a new baby 
son and works for Westpoint Stevens as account manager 
for Wal-Mart. 


Kari Sullivan 

2200 Ben Franklin Parkway #1808 
Philadelphia, PA 19130-3601 

Nancy Titus Laliberte works as a medical assistant 
with Sports Medicine/Atlantic Orthopedics. 


Wendy Bloom Kelley 

36 Wayside Road, Westborough, MA 01581-3622 

Catherine Hall Ferrara and her husband, Jim, live 
in New Jersey and have three children. She works at 

Class Notes 


Morristown Memorial Hospital and is involved in a 
home-school association as well as coaching her 
daughter's Softball team. 

Clair McCarthy Dalton taught a bit in the nurs- 
ing department at Lasell while working on and after 
earning her master's degree (as did Rosemarie 

Lauren Miller Cartel works as a recruiter for 
Mohegan Sun Casino. She has been a volunteer for 
nine years with the Greater Hartford Jaycees and 
served on their boards of directors. She and her hus- 
band traveled around the country learning how to 
run the PGA tournament in Hartford this past June. 

Arlene Strauss loves her house, dog and neigh- 
bors. She works as a microcomputer analyst and 
was sorry to miss Reunion. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Amy Sloane 

120 E. 82nd St. #15, New York, NY 10028 


Cecilia Coleman Welch 
5909 Northern Boulevard, 
East Norwich, NY 11732-1612 

Angela Bonacti-Quinn 

26478 Honor Lane, Salinas, CA 93908-1568 


Debra Sansone 

27 Lincoln Road, #2, Newton, MA 02458 

Wendy Gromko 

2032 Briarhill Lane, Atlanta, GA 30324 


Georgia Moran Livziey 
47 Camelot Drive, Box 7, 
Worcester, MA 01602 

Annemarie Graziano Caloggero 

7 White Avenue, Maynard, MA 01754 


Jennifer Egan 

3430 Gulf Shore Boulevard North 7F, 
Naples, FL 34103-0600 

Christie Cornwell Manganis is an elementary school 
counselor in Tyngsborough. 

CLASS OF 1990 

Kayuri Miki won the prize for coming the longest dis- 
tance for Reunion - all the way from Japan! 

Michele Laf ata Tocco is involved with an eight-month 
internship through Endicott College at the Cape Ann 
Chamber of Commerce. 

CLASS OF 1985 

Susan Michalsky Farid and her husband recently cele- 
brated their tenth anniversary and are the parents of twins. 
Congratulations to Susan who recently graduated from 
Salem State College with a BSW. 

Stephanie Swift Molesky lives in Charlotte, NC, with 
her husband, Kyle, and her son. She is the 5th grade sci- 
ence teacher at Davidson International Baccalaureate 
Middle School in Davidson, NC. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Natalie Woods Howe 
27 Grandview Avenue, 
Kingston, MA 02364-1634 


Stormy Horton Bell 
49 Merritt Avenue, 
Bergenfield, NJ 07621-1334 

Michelle Strathie 

23 Apsley Street #2, Hudson, MA 01749 


Gayle Lucido Movalli 

309 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930 


Kristine Bell Smith 

Office of Residence Life, Mt. Ida College, 
777 Dedham St., Newton, MA 02459 

After graduating from Bridgewater State College, 
Melissa Gravel taught third grade in Chicopee. She is 
recently engaged and expected to receive her master's 
degree this past May. 

Brenda DeVito worked five years as a physical thera- 
pist assistant at Emerson Hospital and is now the full-time 
mother of two. (Please see Nota Bene.) 


Carrie Lempke Braxton 
24822 Rensselaer St. 
Oak Park, MI 48237-1773 

Deborah Lestch 
9 Edgebrook Lane 
Monsey, NY 10952-4711 

Nobuko Migita is teaching in a language 
institution, GEOS, in Japan and planning a 
spring wedding. 

fg\ £ 5TH REUNION 

2/Q MAY 17-20, 2001 

Congratulations to Julia Torres who 
received her master's degree in education 
from Lesley College in May. She now holds 
certification in both elementary and special 
needs education. 


Mary Lynch 

57 Manners Avenue, Brockton, MA 02301-1418 

Two members of the class are working for Sodexho- 
Marriott on the Lasell Dining Services staff: Patti Beck is 
the new retail and marketing supervisor and Jean Petrino 
runs the office and office systems. 

Allison Lofaro is employed at The Global Executive as 
a conference service manager for the world's number one 
conference company. 


Urit Chaimovitz 

928 Hampshire Road, Ridgewood, NJ 07450 

Carissa Templeton is leaving Lasell to attend Brooklyn 
Law where she will focus on public interest and interna- 
tional law. 

Heather Bohn lives in Iowa where she works for Books 
are Fun. 

Stacy Rawson Sheldon served as maid of honor at 
Melinda Kovac's marriage to Keith Endlich. 

Dee Nedder is the dining room supervisor at the Lasell 
Dining Hall. 

When Stacy Rawson married Stephen Sheldon on 
September 11, 1999, Melinda Kovac Endlich served as a 
bridesmaid. Lindsay Higgins '99 was a reader, and other 
Lasell alums in attendance included Kim Ryan '99, Lori 
Walker and Kim Meyers '99. 


We send our sincere condolences to Cara Crosby on the 
death of her grandmother, Georgina Harvey Halewood, a 
former Lasell secretary. 

Kimberly Napolitano, Jaime Johnson Burge, Lauren 
Donahue and Julie Monaco at Jaime's June 26, 1999 
wedding to Chip. 

Dorrie Richardson is the general culinarian at the Lasell 
Dining Hall, with a particular interest in workplace safety. 

CLASS OF 1995 


Class Notes 


L A S E L L 



Retired Lasell English Professor Hazel Weden died May 29, 2000 at the 
age of 96. Her funeral was held at the Hancock United Church of Christ in 
Lexington, MA. 

Born in Fall River, Massachusetts, Mrs. Weden graduated Phi Beta 
Kappa from Wheaton College in 1925, and served as her class secretary 
until her death. 

A treasured member of the Lasell College faculty for more than 20 
years, Mrs. Weden taught American Literature and English, and chaired 
the College's concert and lecture series in the 1960's. She was responsible 
for having noted speakers, including David Brinkley, Gore Vidal, young 
Winston Churchill and Julian Bond, come to campus to speak. 


Minerva Damon Ludewig, a member of the class of 1927 and a valued 
member of the Lasell College Heritage Society, died March 30, 2000 at the 
age of 96. 

A courageous, adventuresome, and accomplished woman, Mrs. 
Ludewig was a volunteer ambulance driver and unexpected midwife dur- 
ing the attack on Pearl Harbor. In the 1940's and 1950's, Mrs. Ludewig was 
one of the top women golfers in the country. She was the wife of the late 
Rear Admiral Joseph W. Ludewig, USN. 



Nancy Frank Daly '50, to Col. Ed Marks, on January 26, 2000 

Gail Stevens '70, to Mr. Anderson 

Lynda Sweeney Horsley '75, to John Hunt, on 

March 18, 2000 
Lauren Miller '85, to Mark Cattel, in September 1999 
Christie Cornwell '90, to Christopher Manganis 
Lara Marks '92, to Glenn Steckler, on October 30, 1999 
Melinda Kovac '98, to Keith Endlich, on September 4, 1999 
Stacy Rawson '98, to Stephen Sheldon, on 

September 11, 1999 
Patrice ODonoghue '98, to Randal West, on June 20, 1999 


Lisa Adams Edwards '83, a son, Kyle Ryan, April 1999 
Deanne Romeo Lyle, '85, a son, Hunter 
Sally White Wade '85, a son, Jeffrey 
Valerie Gagnon Simmons '88, a daughter, 

Danielle Morgan, on March 29, 2000 
Brenda DeVito '94, a son, Matthew Louis, on 

January 21, 1999, and a second son, Michael Anthony, 

on April 2, 2000 
Vielkis Gonzalez Guity '95, a son, Juan Javier, on 

April 23, 2000 

Marion Bodwell Lesher '21, on December 26, 1999 
Marion Austin Hakewessell '23, on January 1, 2000 
Louisa Venable Kyle '23 

Ruby Holabird Keeler '25, on February 19, 2000 
Alice Libbey Legare '25, on March 13, 1997 
Margaret Beck Hamlin '26, on December 22, 1999 
Helen Duncan Devereux '26, on January 19, 2000 
Emma Helen Ockert '26, on April 12, 2000 
Kathryn W. Forgey '28 

Katherine Braithwaite Leutwyler '29, on March 7, 2000 
F. Ellen Zacharias Cullen '29, on January 31, 1999 
Ruth Cruickshank '31 
Frances Kearby Bon '31 

Juanita Dudley Esten '32, on December 26, 1999 
Barbara Hunt Coracci '32, on March 21, 2000 
Drucille Bevin Vose '33, on December 15, 1999 
Nina Keppler Dusenbury '34, in October 1999 
Alice Schrade Vander Voort '34, Fall 1999 
Lucina Cummings Carr '34, on February 14, 1999 
Hildreth Weigold Grady '35, on May 12, 2000 
Eleanor Ramsdell Stauffer '35, on March 16, 2000 
Marion Camandona Holden '38, on May 12, 2000 
Elizabeth Sylvester Robinson '38, on May 3, 2000 
Rosemary Hickey Bischoff '40, on May 24, 1999 
Catherine Nichols Dickmeyer '40, on October 20, 1996 
Barbara Schilf Fournier '40, on January 23, 2000 
Rosemary Ermilio Zamarro '41, on April 17, 2000 
Marguerite Haldeman Sawyer '41, on January 24, 2000 
Barbara Drew MacFarlane '42, on February 18, 2000 
Mary Mallory Carroll '42, on February 24, 1999 
Dorothy Seaman Liebert '42 


Barbara Pearson '43 on January 28, 2000 

Elizabeth Petterson Leonard Bass '43, on December 12, 1999 

Marion Gooding Christensen '44, on June 1, 1999 

Julia Hackman Igleheart '45, on April 15, 2000 

Path Teter Hutchinson '44, on May 21, 1999 

Marianne Sinclitico Shibel '48 

A. Marilyn Ross '49, on January 18, 2000 

Martha Hendrix Williams '51, on November 3, 1999 

Nancy McGahey Croscup '51, on December 21, 1999 

Marion Berberian Talanian '52, on October 8, 1999 

Adrianne Borden Domey '54, on May 12, 2000 

Merna Carl Justis '55, on February 20, 2000 

Phyllis Koocher Stone '57, on January 11, 2000 

Jane Powers Ummel '57 

Mary Louise Moran DeVine '58, on March 8, 2000 

Nancy Mosher Whitney '60, on April 21, 2000 

Ann Salk Michaelson '60 

Jacquelyn Fennessey Lens '62 

Paula Duffy Drugan '69, on April 16, 2000 

Gail Shriber '70, on October 31, 1999 

Susan Cunningham '84, on October 22, 1999 

J. Kenneth Bennett, former faculty member, on 

March 1, 2000 
Marion C. Berlin, former physical education teacher, on 

December 25, 1999 
Georgina Harvey Halewood, former Lasell secretary, on 

February 20, 2000 
Jean Watt, former physical education teacher, on 

April 18, 2000 

Class Notes 



Chairman's Reception 2000 is the Talk of the Town 

A perfect summer evening in June served as the setting for a gala Lasell reception at the 
John F. Kennedy Library and Museum in Boston. Trustees and special guests of Lasell College 
Chairman Carol C. Cacciamani '65 toured the museum's exhibits and then enjoyed cocktails, 
dinner, and jazz at this special evening celebrating the end of another record-breaking year 
at Lasell. 

*>■ Trustee Elisse Allinson Share '65 and her 
husband Neil chat with Trustee Beverly J. Smith. 

▲ One of the evening's highlights was the police escort provided to the motor 
coaches transporting guests from campus into Boston. Much to the passengers' 
delight, the courageous motorcycle officers whisked Lasell trustees and guests 
through rush-hour and "Big Dig" traffic in a record travel time of 25 minutes! 

*■ Against the dramatic backdrop of the Boston skyline at sunset, 
Chairman Carol Cacciamani '65 toasts the announcement of the 
Challenge Grant from the Kresge Foundation and the College's remark- 
able success in the ongoing Lasell 1 50 Campaign. 

^ New Overseer Robert U. Johnsen and his daughter 
Christine Johnsen-Rodgers enjoy the festivities with 
Trustee Jean Sargent Lee '49 and her husband Bob Lee. 

▲ Judy Tracy Shanahan '48 and her husband Jim share 
a laugh with old friends Trustee Nancy Lawson Donahue 
'49 and Dick Donahue. 

Lasell 150 Honors Reunion 2000 Benefactors 


*■ Campaign endowment and Winslow Hall Renovation Project donors present at Reunion 
2000 are honored during Convocation (from left to right): Corporator Ruth Fulton Rardin 
'40, Trustee Elisse Allinson Share '65, Jean Davies Stanley '50, Overseer Nancy Burrows 
Putnam '50, Theresa Bergeron Hoyt '45, and Corporator Barbara Ordway Brewer '35 




maMM ■:■ I I I R I 1 1 

■*> The Brennan Library Society was officially inaugurated with the 
help of two of the Society's founding members, Corporators Jean 
Michael Petersen '39 and Ruth Fulton Rardin '40. Jean, Ruth and 
Trustee Nancy Peirce Rudolph '55 established the Brennan Library 
Society as a way to build an endowment dedicated to the Library. 

A Anne DeArment Kleffel '65 and President de Witt unveil the house letters on the newly named DeArment House, 
home to the College's Vice President for Business and Finance. Anne's mother, Janet Owens DeArment '37, made a 
leadership gift to the Winslow Hall Renovation Project and chose to name this historic campus home. 

^ Janet Eaton Maynard '45 and President de Witt toast the 
dedication of the Eaton Classroom in Wolfe Hall, which Janet 
named in memory of her mother, Mildred Cary Eaton Hill '1 8. 


1^9 fall 2000 




Overseer Nancy Burrows 
Putnam '50 


"My time as a student at Lasell College 
was a very happy period where I was 
surrounded by a wonderful atmosphere," 
recalls Mrs. Nancy Burrows Putnam '50 of 
her years on campus. "My classmates and I 
were sad when the two years were over." 

Those fond memories of a young 
woman's friendships, laughter, learning, 
and growing at Lasell College, and Mrs. 
Putnam's delight in her alma mater's 
resurgence, are the impetus of a generous 
gift of more than $500,000 from Mr. and 
Mrs. George Putnam. The gift will be 
divided equally between the Kresge 
Challenge and a faculty development fund. 
The Putnams' generosity underscores the 
College's remarkable rejuvenation — 
increased enrollment, new building initia- 
tives, and commitment to academic excel- 
lence — over the last decade. "My hus- 
band and I are both involved in many 
organizations and boards of which we 
have a number of favorites," says Mrs. 
Putnam, "so I am just tickled to be able to 
support Lasell's resurgence." 

Mrs. Putnam's introduction to Lasell 
was rather fortuitous, and set the tone for 
her years as a student. "I distinctly remem- 
ber riding the train to Auburndale to regis- 
ter for my freshman classes. I was sitting 
by myself, and this girl's mother 
approached me and asked if I was going to 
Lasell or Wellesley. When I said I was 
going to Lasell, she turned the seats 
around and we spent the rest of the trip 
together. Well, that other student was 
Janet Bell Luening '50, who to this day is 
one of my closest friends," reminisces Mrs. 
Putnam. "This is what was special and is 
special about Lasell today, the intimacy 
and friendliness of the school." A day stu- 
dent, Mrs. Putnam soon became actively 
involved in all the campus activities. 

After graduation, Mrs. Putnam contin- 
ued her education for a brief time at Lesley 
College, and then ventured into the corpo- 
rate world, working for an insurance 
broker in Boston. She stayed with him 
until his retirement in 1967. She continued 
her career with Putnam Investments, ini- 
tially working in the "blue-sky" depart- 
ment, and then serving as Mr. George 
Putnam's administrative assistant 

Mrs. Putnam became fast friends with 
both Mr. Putnam and his first wife. "The 
Putnams were dear friends and gave much 
appreciated support during some difficult 
times," says Mrs. Putnam. "Sadly, the first 

▲ Overseer Nancy Burrows Putnam '50 

Mrs. Putnam passed away, yet I main- 
tained my friendship with Mr. Putnam." 
As time passed, the relationship deepened, 
and, Mrs. Putnam recounts, "I married 
my best friend in 1994." 

Mrs. Putnam left the working world in 
1985 to pursue her passion for gardening, 
volunteerism, and golf. 

Today, keeping up with three grown 
Putnam children, eight grandchildren, 
and two standard poodles, Mrs. Putnam 
still finds time to volunteer. She serves 
as an overseer for Lasell College and 
the Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem, 
a trustee of The Trustees of Reservations, 
and secretary for the Massachusetts 
Horticultural Society. 

A busy life since graduation — pursu- 
ing a successful career, and maintaining 
an active social life — kept Mrs. Putnam 
marginally involved with Lasell. "I kept in 
touch with my friends, of course, and I 
always had such fond memories of my 
time at Lasell," she says. 

"Then, I became aware of how dynam- 
ic Lasell's new president, Tom de Witt, 
was, and how successful he has been in 
reviving the College. My husband and I 
have had a number of opportunities to 
meet with the de Witts. We are continually 
amazed at Tom's vitality and vision for the 

Their initial encounter led the Putnams 
to delve deeper into the College's current 
condition and future prospects. They were 
excited by what they discovered. 
"Contributing to Lasell is a natural fit," 
states Mrs. Putnam enthusiastically. "The 
campus is just a gem, in a lovely area of 
Newton, and being so close to Boston, 
with all the city has to offer." With the 
endorsement of individuals like the 
Putnams, Lasell College's future continues 
to brighten. 

Campaign Donors Make 
Second Gifts to Kresge/ 
Winslow Hall Renovation 

No sooner had Lasell College received 
the exciting news about its first grant from 
the Kresge Foundation, than Honorary 
Campaign Co-Chairs Trustee Joan Weiler 
Arnow '49 and Overseer Robert Arnow — 
who established the College's first 
endowed professorship — stepped for- 
ward with a challenge of their own. The 
Arnows understood the underlying moti- 
vation of the Kresge Foundation grant: to 
encourage new and never donors to sup- 
port this important project and to spur 
second gifts from Lasell alumni and 
friends who had already made Campaign 
gifts. As of June 30, 2000, the remarkable 
response to this "family challenge," has 
given an additional boost of energy to the 
already robust Lasell 150 campaign. 

E Trustee and Chair of the Develop- 
ment Committee, Lynn Kiefer Holt 
'61, wrote a check on the spot after 
hearing of the Arnow challenge. The 
College will name two facilities for 
Lynn this year: the aerobics studio in 
the Athletics Center (in memory of 
her grandmother) and a large, high 
technology classroom in Winslow Hall 
in recognition of Lynn's latest gift. 

19 Trustee and Major Gifts Chairman 
Jean Sargent Lee '49 endowed a 
scholarship early in the Campaign. In 
response to the Kresge/ Arnow "dou- 
ble-dare," she tripled the amount of 
her initial gift and chose to name the 
dramatic, new tiered lecture hall in 

B Corporator Jean Campbell '44, a 
planned giving committee volunteer 
for the Campaign, made a leadership 
level gift early in the Lasell 150 
Campaign. Upon hearing the news of 
the Kresge Challenge, she promptly 
established a second gift annuity at 
Lasell to name a classroom in 
Winslow Hall in memory of her 
father, Elwyn G. Campbell. 

B Elinor Kuchler Hopkins '43 has made 
generous gifts to both the Annual 
Fund and Lasell 150 in every year 
since the Campaign's inception in 
1996. In 1999, her gift towards a pool 
of "good faith" money for the 

Winslow Hall Renovation Project 
helped Lasell qualify for the grant 
from the Kresge Foundation. This 
past spring, Mrs. Hopkins made 
another leadership-level gift, this 
time directed to the Challenge. 

D Trustee and Campaign Co-Chair 
Peggy Schwingel Kraft '56 received a 
wonderful and well-deserved surprise 
when her husband Rudy, an equally 
enthusiastic Overseer, announced his 
additional pledge to name a Winslow 
Classroom in her honor. 

B Trustee and Sesquicentennial 
Celebration Co-Chair Nancy Curtis 
Grellier '49 is widely hailed on campus 
as "Queen of Athletics," for her gift 
that made Grellier Field, Lasell's sec- 
ond athletic field, a reality. News of the 
Kresge Challenge and her classmates' 
generosity compelled her to step for- 
ward once again with a gift to support 
the renovations in Winslow Hall. 

▲ Lasell College President Thomas de Witt and 
his wife Dr. Margaret Ward 

B Demonstrating their passion for 
Lasell, President Thomas E. J. de Witt 
and his wife, Dr. Margaret Ward, 
recently presented the College with a 
generous gift, their second during the 
campaign, toward the completion of 
the Winslow Renovation Project. Dr. 
de Witt said, "We are delighted to be 
able to join other Lasell friends and 
alumni in supporting the advance- 
ment of technology and growth at the 


24 1^0 fall 2000